Monday, April 7, 2008

The Learning Curve

I have been enjoying digital photography for over a year now and the learning curve has been steep! I had what I thought was a basic grip on how a camera works as I had an old film SLR that I got results from (1 or 2 from a roll of 24 was good in my eyes!), but how far from reality was I?

First lesson: before taking any shots - READ THE MANUAL, COVER TO COVER! It is amazing what you can learn just from this!
Second lesson: it's digital, knock yourself out and fill that card with whatever catches your eye. Play with the camera at the same time....have the manual with you and play, play, keep playing..........more............

Third lesson: join a community, either online or a club. The people there are your encyclopedias.....they all have been there and learnt the same way as you. Everyone you speak to will have different techniques, tips and tricks. Some will work for you, some won't. Slowly you will build your own encyclopedia of information that you will constantly be referring to.

My first addition to the collection of "must haves" for my camera gear was a tripod. I use it for anything I plan shooting in low light, night or if I am going to be stationary for a while (saves your arms and neck....). I take it everywhere in the car, you never know when you will need it!

Soon enough you find a style of photography that you enjoy, for me I enjoy night photography - the colours against dark skies are just stunning.

"Library, Fire and Water"
The National Library, Canberra as viewed through the artwork "Fire and water". Judy Watson's "fire and water" is a sensorial journey which begins at the hearthstone, passes between the bower, to rest on and listen to the sounds of the gathering stone, and continues among the sinuous lines of reeds toward the misting pool, where fine sprays of cooling water cleanse and refresh.

Go out there, take heaps of photos, experiment with settings but don't forget - have fun with it!